Water holds precious memories with UCSC students. Share your water memories with us and win a free reusable water bottle!

Theres this river that cut Fayetteville Tennessee in half, I think it is called the Raccoon River and my grandpa would take my sister and I to play in it when we were little. It was so hot and sticky there that sitting in the river felt amazing. Recently when Ive been out to TN, my sister and I have just gone and sat in the water to enjoy the memories. You will alway be with me papa.  


-Reeanna Johnson


Love living right next to Monterey Bay for it’s beautiful blue waters? Let us know! UCSC students, submit your story and win a reusable water bottle!

Without water I would die, it gives me nourishment and quenches my thirst. It also makes up the ocean which I absolutely love and makes waves which I can surf.



UCSC Students LOVE water… nice clean water! Do your part, we can only do it together!

Are you kidding? Water is my everything! I love drinking it, swimming in it, showering in it (every few days), dancing in it, cooking with it, and having it in my body! I love water…clean water!


-Monica SalandraImage

Take a look on how UCSC students are connected to water. WE LOVE WATER! WE CONSERVE WATER!

I have many memories with friends where recreational water use has been a huge, fun factor. At the end of last year, three friends and myself spent a beautiful day exploring the San Lorenzo and some of it’s off shoots, and that day being so perfect with those people contributed in a huge feeling I have developed of connection to other people in general. Standing in the river all day, splashing about like children, and enjoying our beautiful world and the beautiful water which makes the world what it is.

Cassidy Kakin


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What is you personal connection to water? DYOD wants to know! Send us your short story and let us know what kind of impact water has had on your life. For participating you will receive a FREE reusable water bottle! We will be posting your stories to this blog and our facebook page. The deadline to submit is Thursday, November 14th.

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Like us? Hate us? Now is your chance to let us know what you think about the project! DYOD is asking that you take part in our survey, going on May 30-June 6. The survey takes only 5 minutes to complete! Your responses will be compiled and the results will be used to help DYOD better reach students like you. All entries are anonymous.  

You can view the results of our survey here.

Cowell Residents: Where Can I Pick Up My Prize?

If you were unable to attend our event on May 23rd, we have you prize available for pick up in the Cowell housing office, located under the Cowell/Stevenson dining hall. They will direct you to pick up your water bottle – please initial next to your name before you leave.

Drumroll Please… Cowell College Named 2013 Winner!

Drumroll Please... Cowell College Named 2013 Winner!

Congratulations Cowell college apartment residents! You used the lowest gallons per person per day at 31.16!

In celebration of your achievements, DYOD is hosting an event in the Cowell apartment quad for you to come pick up your prizes, and enjoy free food and music. The event will be Thursday, May 23rd from 3:30-5:30. Hope to see you there!

An extra special thanks to all the other colleges that participated in the competition. Your efforts in reducing your water consumption help the UCSC campus move in a more sustainable direction by addressing the voices of the student body in the Blueprint for Sustainable Campus. Be on the lookout for our survey, which is planned to be emailed to apartment residents campus-wide between May 27-31. This survey is vital in helping DYOD improve for next year and will only take a few minutes to complete. Please help us better serve you and the environment by filling it out – much gratitude for your help!

2013 Competition Winner Methodology

2013 Competition Winners Announced

It was difficult for the DYOD team to decide the winner this year. Originally, we wanted the winner to be the college that reduced the greatest percentage of gal/person/day from January-April, but the graphs is what actually happened:

From January to March, water use went up drastically, from a campus average of 23.71 gal/person/day to 49.11 gal/person/ day. Finally in April, usage went down to 34.06 gal/person/day.

Since no college’s use went down from the start of the competition, a possibility could have been to throw out January and February’s use and see who reduced the greatest amount between March and April. However, we decided that since the competition went on during these months, we should be using all the data. Then, to decide the winner using all four months of the competition, we did the college that used the least amount of gal/person/day overall.

If you would like to see the numbers, check out our tracking sheet, or send us an email dyod.ucsc@gmail.com and we’d be happy to answer any questions about our methodology.

Didya See Us?

Didya See Us?

Some awesome new flyers are up at the campus bus stops, apartment laundry rooms, and in the dining halls this week. Point them out to your friends and apartment-mates and drop that drip!