Drop Your Own Drip (DYOD) is a multi-faceted water conservation project in which students will be competing to reduce their water-use by the largest percentage. Due to the metering on campus, prizes will be given to the residents at the college who reduces the use by the largest percentage throughout the quarter.

What facilities are involved in the competition?

Students living at the on-campus undergraduate apartments of the 10 colleges will be included in the competition. This DOES NOT include Family-Student housing, the Village, the trailer park, University Town Center, or Redwood Grove apartments.

How do I know how much water I’m using?

Each month residents will receive an email that contains a mock water statement. This statement will give a breakdown of the water-use for the student’s apartment each month so they have the opportunity to see a relative usage and price associated with that usage.

Where does the price of water come from?

A Santa Cruz Municipal Utilities (SCMU) pricing mechanism is used to place a monetary value on the amount of water used in order to illustrate the cost of water if living in the City of Santa Cruz; this will prepare students for their future household costs once they move off campus.

What can I do to reduce my apartment’s water consumption?


Who do I talk to if I’m interested in becoming involved?

We appreciate your interest and could use all the help we can get! You can contact us at dyod.ucsc@gmail.com, or email the organizer directly at sangulo@ucsc.edu.


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  1. Glenn Carson says:

    Heya, I saw this advertised in the dining hall, and I/my apartment was very interested in taking part in the project. I don’t see any clues for that on the website, so I was looking for more information. Thanks!

    • dyoducsc says:

      Hi Glenn Carson! I am glad you saw our flyers and want to be involved! If you live in one of the on-campus apartments, we will be sending you the water statements via email starting April 2nd, and then twice more throughout the quarter (see our “Project Timeline” above). All on-campus apartment residents will be receiving a statement that accurately reflects the apartment residents’ water usage for the given month.
      If you are interested in being on the leadership team and working to produce these monthly statements, sign up for CLEI 161 called “Sustainable Living” through your my.ucsc student portal! Our section of the ESLP class will be held Tu/Th 10-11:45am. If you cannot take the class, but still want to help with the production of the bills, contact us for more information about avenues of involvement at dyod.ucsc@gmail.com.
      Thanks for your interest! Keep reducing your water-usage and maybe your college will be the winning college!

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