I, like all humans, need water to survive. I would say in this way alone water has affected me. Water gives me life everyday. I am a Banana Slug Student Athlete, and when I am tired after a long match, or a long rally, water rejuvenates me. During summer practices when it is hot and there is no circulation in the gym the only thing I want is a water break. Water replenishes my body and gives me the will to keep going. It is a wake up call and a loud rooting fan all in one (can’t top that). Water is awesome and we all need to be more aware of how valuable it is to our every day lives.


Morgan Ehritt



About dyoducsc

We are a faction of the Education for Sustainable Living Program (ESLP) that will produce simulated water bills that will inform and educate on-campus apartment residents at UC Santa Cruz about their monthly water use and will encourage smarter water-use and conservation through a reduction competition.

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