2013 Competition Winners Announced

It was difficult for the DYOD team to decide the winner this year. Originally, we wanted the winner to be the college that reduced the greatest percentage of gal/person/day from January-April, but the graphs is what actually happened:

From January to March, water use went up drastically, from a campus average of 23.71 gal/person/day to 49.11 gal/person/ day. Finally in April, usage went down to 34.06 gal/person/day.

Since no college’s use went down from the start of the competition, a possibility could have been to throw out January and February’s use and see who reduced the greatest amount between March and April. However, we decided that since the competition went on during these months, we should be using all the data. Then, to decide the winner using all four months of the competition, we did the college that used the least amount of gal/person/day overall.

If you would like to see the numbers, check out our tracking sheet, or send us an email dyod.ucsc@gmail.com and we’d be happy to answer any questions about our methodology.


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