CONGRATULATIONS to the residents of the Stevenson College apartments! You were the biggest reducers between the months of March and April. (See graph bellow). The average daily water-use per resident was calculated using the meter read information, and we calculated college daily per capita averages. Due to some meter reading complications and/or meter misreadings, the outliers and extreme data points were not considered when determining the winners.

The numbers are impressive. The reduction that Stevenson residents made was from 47.04 gallons per day to 41.50 gallons per day, a 5.54 gallon per day/resident reduction. As a whole college, they dropped their usage in April by 20,232 gallons!!!  Excellent work.

Another big congratulations goes out to the residents of Cowell Apartment Building #1–you got the closest to the target water-use level of 20 gall/day per resident at 22.9 gallons per day in April!

And overall, the campus average per resident water-use was 39.77 gall/day in February and 37.04 gall/day in April, which was a fantastic average  2.73 gallon daily reduction over the project timeline of DYOD!!!!


About dyoducsc

We are a faction of the Education for Sustainable Living Program (ESLP) that will produce simulated water bills that will inform and educate on-campus apartment residents at UC Santa Cruz about their monthly water use and will encourage smarter water-use and conservation through a reduction competition.

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