…drumroll….so preliminarily, we found that per month, per resident per day (in January) water “usage” was over 100 gallons, even upwards of 140 gallons. We were shocked, reached out the the physical plant, re-did all of our math multiple times, and were generally very concerned. Therefore, we decided to use the city of Santa Cruz’s average per resident daily usage, which is 60 gall/day, as our target usage goal for the apartment residents. We wrote this figure into our grant proposal, presented this information to all of the RA/CA groups, and we were pushing and hoping for a reduction to that 60 gallons per day per resident.

…but…we were receiving the wrong meter information. We had been forwarded, yes, the meter READS, but, we needed the meter USAGE REPORT. So, after finally making contact with the physical plant, we realized we had the wrong numbers. Very wrong numbers.

So, good news. On average, the daily per resident water usage in about 20-24 gallons!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS EXCELLENT!

So, the new target water usage level is 15 gallons per resident per day. We want to use 1/4 of the daily water that each resident in the city of Santa Cruz uses and get as low as possible. This will truly illustrate our commitment to being a good neighbor to the city and to water conservation on campus. So, let’s see how many apartment buildings can reach that level! Already, there is a building in Crown and 2 buildings Oakes that are below that rate!!!



About dyoducsc

We are a faction of the Education for Sustainable Living Program (ESLP) that will produce simulated water bills that will inform and educate on-campus apartment residents at UC Santa Cruz about their monthly water use and will encourage smarter water-use and conservation through a reduction competition.

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