Spring quarter class registration is right around the corner for UC Santa Cruz students and Sarah and Nicholas would like to invite you to take an interesting and challenging course pertaining to water conservation housed under the Education for Sustainability Program (ESLP).

The course is CLEI 161 and counts for five credits. Throughout the quarter, students will attend a weekly Monday night guest lecture series which all ESLP students will attend. Students will then split into more focused classrooms that meet twice a week. During these bi-weekly classes, our section will focus on California water sources, Santa Cruz water sources and politics, domestic water-use curtailment strategies, institutional water conservation, and the future of world water conservation.

Alongside these interactive classroom sessions, we will conduct an on campus water conservation competition in which mock water statements are distributed to on-campus apartment dwellers. More information about the competition can be found under “The Project” tab.

To sign up for our specific course, register into CLEI 161 through your myucsc portal and attend the first day of class, as all of the facilitators will give presentations about what their classes will cover. You will then be able to sign up for the section of your choice and begin attending during the second week of Spring quarter.

Please visit http://eslp.enviroslug.org/ for more information and we hope to see you in our class!


About dyoducsc

We are a faction of the Education for Sustainable Living Program (ESLP) that will produce simulated water bills that will inform and educate on-campus apartment residents at UC Santa Cruz about their monthly water use and will encourage smarter water-use and conservation through a reduction competition.

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